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Over time, a pierced earlobe can become stretched if a person frequently wears large or heavy earrings. In addition to creating a long or wide opening, earrings may tear completely through the lobe. A torn earlobe may also result from trauma, such as having an earring pulled off or caught on clothing.

Good Candidates for Earlobe Repair

Patients who want to have their earlobes repaired after they have become stretched or damaged are ideal candidates for earlobe repair. Being in good health before getting the procedure is vital, as is having realistic expectations.

Patients should note that their recovery rate and the results of the procedure could be affected by harmful habits like excessive smoking or drinking. This procedure is also best done when patients are not undergoing any critical treatments or still healing from recent surgeries.

Your Consultation

Patients who are in need of earlobe repair should schedule their consultation as soon as possible. During the procedure, Dr. Ganchi will give them detailed information about the procedure, including preparation and aftercare directions. Asking questions and bringing up concerns is encouraged.

Dr. Ganchi will carefully examine the earlobe. She will also evaluate the patient’s complete medical history, including current medications and any allergies.

Earlobe Repair

Torn earlobes can be repaired with a quick in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Torn earlobe repair first involves “freshening” the edges of the torn lobe by removing a small amount of skin. Then, using fine sutures, the earlobe is meticulously repaired to reconstruct a normal, rounded earlobe that matches your natural ear shape.

Earlobe Repair Aftercare

You will be able to return home immediately after the procedure, with only a small bandage covering the stitches.

During the recovery period, minor swelling and bruising may be present. Any pain or discomfort can be managed with OTC pain medication as directed.

Patients are advised to avoid agitating the affected earlobe as much as possible. Sleeping on one’s back is recommended, along with avoiding any kind of activity that could strain the body. Wearing button-up shirts instead of pullover shirts will help to avoid damaging the earlobes as they heal.

The stitches will be removed after one to two weeks. When the earlobe has healed and the scar has softened, you may re-pierce the repaired earlobe. It takes about three months for the earlobe to fully heal.

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