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Many women suffer from enlarged labia minora (the inner genital lips). Labiaplasty reduces large labia or reshapes uneven labia, improving their appearance and reducing associated discomfort. During the labiaplasty procedure, Dr. Ganchi shortens excess labial tissues and recreates the edges of the labia with a natural-looking color and shape. Outer labia (majora) can also be tucked if needed.

Why Labiaplasty?

Labia can genetically vary in shape and size as with any anatomic feature. Labia typically change during puberty and some women experience excessive elongation and thickening, while others may naturally have shorter, thinner labia. These are normal variations in appearance.

Excessive labial thickness, asymmetry, or discoloration can prompt the desire for labiaplasty surgery.

With aging, weight fluctuation and child bearing, the labia majora can develop sagging and laxity. Patients experiencing such changes may benefit from rejuvenation of this area with labia majoraplasty, and/or fat grafting /filler injections.

If your labia are especially elongated, the excess labial tissue can cause discomfort while wearing certain articles of clothing and during physical activities such as exercise and sexual intercourse. This can be painful and frustrating.

Someone who sees their labia as unusually long might feel self-conscious about their genitalia’s outward appearance. This can lead to psychological or emotional distress in intimate situations.

To treat and improve these issues and restore quality of life, patients can benefit greatly from undergoing labiaplasty by an expert to ensure safe, aesthetically pleasing results.

Who Is in Need of Labiaplasty?

Patients who want to make their labia look more youthful and more in line with their aesthetic preferences can be ideal candidates for labiaplasty. They should be in good health and should also have realistic expectations.

Smokers will need to quit before labiaplasty surgery to reduce the chance of complications. Patients who recently underwent surgery are advised to wait until full recovery.

The Benefits of Labiaplasty

The results of labiaplasty can:

  • Improve the appearance of the vagina and vulva
  • Reduce discomfort caused by clothes rubbing against the labia
  • Eliminate pain caused by large labia during sexual intercourse
  • Improve or restore sexual satisfaction that was hampered by large labia
  • Boost overall self confidence

Your Consultation

Patients who want to get a labiaplasty will need to schedule a consultation first. During their visit, they will be given all of the necessary information they need to proceed with the procedure. Their health and medical history will be discussed during the consultation, along with their expectations.

Patients are encouraged to ask questions during their labiaplasty consultation. Subjects like preparation, recovery, and cost can all be discussed.

The Labiaplasty Procedure

Dr. Ganchi has offered expert labiaplasty treatments for over 20 years, including both the trim and wedge techniques, as well as the use of injectable fillers and fat grafting to fill and revitalize the labia majora. Dr. Ganchi also performs labia majora reduction procedures to treat sagging of the outer labia.

During labiaplasty, either sedation or local anesthesia(most popular) is administered. Carefully planned application of numbing cream prior to the procedure along with fine local injections helps patients undergo the procedure comfortably under local anesthesia Dr. Ganchi reduces the excess tissues precisely with great care to achieve natural and aesthetic results. Once the procedure is complete, incisions are closed with the help of absorbable sutures. Stitch removal is therefore not needed.

How Much Does Labiaplasty Cost?

The cost of labiaplasty will depend on several factors, including the techniques used and total surgical time. Prices can also be impacted by anesthesia fees and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Labiaplasty Recovery

The exact details and extent of your labiaplasty procedure will determine the recovery process. Our patients typically take pain medication the first evening of recovery alone and apply ice for 48-72 hours to control the swelling. Careful, light light ambulation and loose clothing are recommended for 7-10 days and a feminine pad is needed for mild early spotting. Tampons should be avoided for one month.

It is recommended to take a week off from your work to heal properly. You will be able to resume normal activities within a month.

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Dr. Ganchi has more than 18 years of experience in performing labiaplasty surgery for her patients with great results. She has vast experience with this increasingly popular procedure and uses the most advanced techniques. Her patients enjoy smooth recoveries with minimal discomfort and downtime.

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“Got Labiaplasty With Dr. Ganchi I didn’t feel a thing. Nothing at all. She is the BEST!! Did such an amazing job. Not completely healed yet and I’m already LOVING my Results!!
She is super nice and very professional. Love Her!”

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