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To help patients gain a better understanding of what Village Plastic Surgery has to offer, we’ve collected some of our most commonly asked FAQs.

Q: Which Procedures Does Village Plastic Surgery Perform?

A: Village Plastic Surgery offers a wide selection of procedures, treatments, and packages, giving patients numerous options for their rejuvenation and enhancement needs. We perform surgeries for the face, breasts, and body, along with injectables, laser treatments, and other types of skin treatments.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Invasive and Minimally Invasive Procedures?

A: Invasive procedures are surgical options that require incisions. Examples include breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and facelifts. These procedures typically require a degree of downtime and time off from work. Results are long-lasting and in many cases permanent.

Minimally invasive procedures, on the other hand, are treatments that involve injections, punctures, or very small incisions. Treatments that only involve needles, such as injectables, are considered minimally invasive. These procedures typically require little to no downtime/recovery time, and results are usually temporary.

Q: Can I Get More Than One Procedure During a Single Session?

A: In many cases, patients are able to get more than one procedure or treatment performed during a single session. The Mommy Makeover is an excellent example. This combination surgery can include several procedures like breast augmentation and liposuction.

The option to combine procedures can be discussed during a consultation with Dr. Pedy Ganchi.

Q: How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost?

A: The cost of plastic surgery procedures at Village Plastic Surgery varies depending on a variety of factors. Price will be impacted by the details of each patient’s individual case, including their aesthetic goals.

The time required to perform the procedure can affect cost, as can the exact techniques being employed. If multiple procedures and treatments are being performed, this can also impact cost.

Cosmetic procedures are typically not covered by health insurance providers, whereas functional procedures are often covered.

Q: What Is Plastic Surgery Recovery Like?

A: Most plastic surgery procedures are outpatient procedures, meaning patients will not need to stay overnight. If general anesthesia was used, patients will need a ride from a friend or family member once they are cleared to return home. If local anesthesia was used, patients may be allowed to drive themselves home.

Once patients return home, they will need to rest and recover. They must take all medications as prescribed (typically antibiotics and pain medication). A degree of swelling and bruising will be present, and aftercare directions will help address these issues.

Patients may need to take time off from work, and they will likely need to avoid physically taxing activities for a time. They will need to come in for a follow-up appointment so that Dr. Ganchi can remove any stitches and assess the healing process.

Q: How Do I Choose Which Procedure Is Best for Me?

A: The best way to determine which procedure or treatment patients should undergo for their particular problem is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Ganchi. They can discuss their specific issues with Dr. Ganchi, who will recommend a treatment option. She will walk them through the treatment process from start to finish so that they can make an informed decision.

Q: Are Consultations Free?

A: In-depth consultations at Village Plastic Surgery with Dr. Ganchi cost $100. If the patient chooses same-day surgical booking and services rendered, the $100 is applied to their surgical deposit fee.

Q: How Can I Learn More?

A: Patients can reach out to Village Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ganchi if they want to learn more or if they have specific issues that they want to discuss. Their questions can be answered, and their concerns can be addressed.

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