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Through specialized surgical techniques, breast asymmetry in New Jersey can be addressed effectively by Dr. Ganchi. Many women are born with breasts that are uneven in size and shape, called breast asymmetry, which may or may not be noticeable to others. These differences in the breasts may be minor or undetectable to patients themselves, while in other cases there may be significant asymmetry, leading to an unbalanced appearance and emotional distress.

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Asymmetric breasts can be corrected through surgery that either enlarges the smaller breast or reduces the larger one, or a combination thereof. Implants and fat grafting may help enhance smaller breasts, or a breast reduction and lift can be performed on larger breasts. If the nipples appear at different heights, surgery can relocate one or both of the nipples for improved symmetry.

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“It’s been a year now since my breast augmentation procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m so glad I decided to go with Dr. Ganchi. She made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She always took her time to thoroughly explain and answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Ganchi.”

All of these options produce breasts that are more similar in appearance, working with each woman’s unique body to achieve the best possible results. Creating a more balanced appearance with breast asymmetry procedures can help improve posture, self-confidence and body image.

Good Candidates for Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Breast asymmetry surgery is for women who have breasts that do not match in shape, size, and/or position. Best candidates are in good overall health, with no medical conditions that may hinder proper healing and recovery.

Breast asymmetry surgery is an option for women who want a permanent solution to uneven breasts. It is important to be a non-smoker and not pregnant or breastfeeding when considering this procedure.

Your Breast Asymmetry Consultation

During your breast asymmetry consultation, Dr. Ganchi will review your medical history, and you will be asked about your current medications and lifestyle.

Most importantly, a physical examination of your breasts will be done. Then, additional laboratory tests like a mammogram may be requested in order to screen for underlying conditions.

Breast Asymmetry Correction Procedures

Breast asymmetry surgery may be performed under general anesthesia. Uneven breasts can be corrected through popular procedures such as a breast reduction, a breast augmentation (with implants or fat grafting), and a breast lift.

Breast reduction surgery involves removal of excess tissue and repositioning the nipple to a higher position. Breast augmentation may include adding implants or transferring fat from another area of the body. A breast lift repositions the tissue to achieve perkier breasts.

One or often a combination of these procedures may be performed to achieve the desired results.

Recovery and Healing

Recovery after breast asymmetry surgery may take several days. After the procedure, your breasts will be covered in dressings. You will be recommended to wear a supportive surgical bra for a time.

During the healing period, rigorous activities should be put on hold for four weeks. You will be able to return to work after several days. To maintain results following breast asymmetry surgery, a stable weight, supportive bras, and a healthy diet are advisable.

The Cost of Breast Asymmetry Correction

Consultations for breast asymmetry correction start at $100, and if the patient chooses same-day surgical booking and service, the $100 fee is applied to the surgical deposit fee.

The total cost of the surgery will vary based on the type of procedure chosen for breast asymmetry surgery. Surgical and anesthetic fees can also affect the overall price.

Set Up Your Consultation

If you are unhappy with your uneven breasts, surgery for breast asymmetry in New Jersey is an ideal choice. Contact us and schedule your consultation at Village Plastic Surgery to meet Dr. Pedy Ganchi to review your options.

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Your Breast Asymmetry will be performed in Pedy Ganchi, MD surgery center located in Paramus, NJ

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