• Will liposuction help me lose weight?

    NO! Liposuction is synonymous with body contouring and is meant to help reshape areas that are genetically stubborn and diet resistant. Best candidates are within a BMI of 18-29.

  • Will liposuction help tighten my skin?

    NO! Good skin quality is ideal when undergoing liposuction as it is not meant to tighten loose skin. In fact individuals with loose skin are not good liposuction candidates and are better suited for tuck procedures.

  • Will liposuction get rid of cellulite?

    NO! Cellulite may at best appear less visible, but is not meant to be treated with liposuction.

  • Will the fat come back?

    Possibly! With significant weight gain, residual fat cells in the treated area can swell and cause recurrent bulges to appear, although most individuals still maintain better proportions.

  • Are there scars?

    Liposuction scars are minimal(4-5mm) and hardly visible when hearing is complete.

  • Is it a painful surgery?

    My patients report liposuction to be one of our less painful procedures and typically rate it a 4-5/10 scale for the first couple of nights. Our less traumatic surgical technique helps minimize discomfort and fast recovery.

  • Is laser liposuction better?

    No! Successful liposuction depends more on the surgeon’s abilities, judgement and skill that on the tools.

  • Can I have liposuction more than once in the same area?

    Yes! She individuals may seek repeat treatment with weight gain or when the initial surgery was inadequate.

  • Is liposuction safe?

    Yes! When performed with safety measures, sound surgical technique and certified anesthesiologists and facilities, it is very safe.

  • Can liposuction be combined with other surgeries?

    Yes! In fact it is often combined with facelifts, tummy tucks, breast reductions and other surgeries as a complimentary procedure.