One of the best perks of seeking care from a fully trained plastic surgeon who specializes in surgery of the face, breasts, and body is the ability to undergo multiple aesthetic procedures at the same time. More often than not, patients have more than one concern they wish to address. In such cases, it is possible to combine plastic surgery procedures to provide more comprehensive results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Pedy Ganchi frequently performs these combo procedures for patients at her practice in Bergen County, New Jersey.

The Benefits of Combination Procedures

Combining plastic surgery procedures will allow you to achieve your aesthetic goals without having to go through multiple time-consuming recovery periods. With combination procedures, you only have to undergo anesthesia once, and there is only a single recovery period.

Combo procedures also complement one another by ensuring the proportions and appearance of the face or body are in harmony.

Combining Body Procedures

Body plastic surgery can enhance and contour various areas by removing excess skin and stubborn body fat. Dr. Pedy Ganchi can determine if you are a good candidate for a combination body contouring procedure during your consultation.

While not the only reasons a combination procedure may be recommended, some of the most common reasons patients combine plastic surgeries are weight loss, pregnancy, and aging. These factors can cause significant changes to the body, including sagging and stretched skin, pockets of fat, and unbalanced proportions.

The mommy makeover is an excellent example of the benefits of combining plastic surgery procedures. A mommy makeover typically combines a tummy tuck with some type of breast restoration. Breast lifts, reductions, or augmentations can help restore and enhance a woman’s body after childbearing is complete. Often, liposuction is added for a total body makeover.

Other procedures that can be performed in a combination surgery include labiaplasty, breast or buttocks fat grafting, and liposuction of various areas.

Combining Facial Procedures

Factors like skin laxity and aging affect the areas of the face in different ways. In some instances, a single facial plastic surgery procedure may be enough to achieve the patient’s goals. However, when there are signs of aging in multiple areas of the face, it may be necessary to combine facial plastic surgeries to ensure optimal results.

For example, if one solely addresses wrinkles and sagging in the midface and lower face with a facelift, it can make visible aging around the eyes or forehead more noticeable. Combining a facelift with an eyelid lift or brow lift would offer more comprehensive rejuvenation for a more uniform and attractive appearance. Facial implants or fat transfer may also be recommended to augment the chin and contour the jawline to complement your facelift results.

Combining Facial and Body Procedures

Facial and body procedures can be combined, as well. For instance, an eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty) may be combined with a breast lift or liposuction. We have had patients undergo unique procedure combinations such as breast reduction, lip fat grafting, and liposuction. However, some surgeries are best performed separately. The best way to find out the safest, most effective treatment approach for your needs is to meet with Dr. Pedy Ganchi for a consultation.

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Dr. Pedy Ganchi has helped countless patients transform their appearance with a customized combination of plastic surgeries for the face, breasts, and body. To learn more about combining plastic surgery procedures in the best manner to achieve a look that you love, contact Village Plastic Surgery in New Jersey to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pedy Ganchi.