Very good experience. Dr Ganchi is amazing, patient and thorough. She understood quickly what I wanted, gave me good advice based on my body, height. My original size was a small 32B and I am petite (5’1- 112 lb). I am wearing now a 32DD and the result is amazing, very natural, no bump at the top, the transition is very natural.
I trusted her since my first day, I am so happy of the result and recommend her to all my friends and to everybody. She delivered exactly what I wanted!! I am so happy!
If I need to do something else, I will not think twice, she is the one who will do it. Dr Ganchi shares what she thinks is good for the patient but respects her patient’s final choice. The best advice I can give to anybody is to trust her, she knows what she does, ask her questions, don’t stress you are in very good hands, don’t look on internet if you have a question, Dr Ganchi is always here for you. Her team takes good care as well and is so kind. The facility is very good, staff cares a lot and facility is very clean. Driver picks you up at home and takes you back home after the surgery. Do not overthink or do not spend hours to try to compare all surgeons in the area and just book a consultation like I did, you won’t regret it.