Cases in fillers

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fillers- nonsurgical rhinoplasty

August 5, 2020

28 y/o woman disliked the drooping and wide nasal tip. She was treated with fillers for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty for nasal tip lift, definition and narrowing. Lip fillers were also injected for volume enhancement.

lip augmentation-fillers

May 11, 2020

young woman with downturned mouth corners and thin lips who looked sad.  Pictured after  one syringe of  hyaluronic(HA)  filler to mouth corner and lips for a happy, youthful expression! HA fillers like Restylane, Juvederm and Versa can be used.

fillers- tear trough

November 17, 2019

32 year old woman with dark hollows under eyes and early forehead and frown (eleven) lines and muscle hypertrophy. Her tear trough were augmented with filler for a smooth, rested, healthier  and bright appearance. Her eyes have a more please shape after the filler injections as well. Her forehead and brow areas also look more […]

filler-cheeks & lips

October 3, 2019

Fillers injected to cheeks and lips for rejuvenation and restoration of lost volume. A conservative amount of products were injected for a natural, rested  appearance. She also underwent Dysport injections to the upper face for a total facial rejuvenation!

fillers- nonsurgical rhinoplasty

July 1, 2019

Filler nonsurgical rhinoplasty for camouflage of small nasal bump and tip flip(elevation and rotation). The results will last 1 year+ and with reinjection will last even longer.

fillers- rhinoplasty (nasal)

Filler was used to elevate and reshape the drooping nasal tip for this young patient. Results will last 1+ years and with reinjection can last even longer.


Radiesse filler was use for hand rejuvenation to create a smooth, youthful appearance. The veins and tendons that are more prominent with age are camouflaged with the filler.  The results will last 1+ years and new collagen formation in this area will lead to longer lasting effects over time.

fillers-under eye

July 13, 2018

Under eye and cheek filler camouflages  tear trough hollowing and makes eyes appear more youthful and rested.

fillers- lips

Filler  injections to lips, smile lines(nasolabial folds) and mouth corners.

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